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Interplanetary Crap

And Other Such Shenanigans

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I'm not very interesting. And I do a lot of things, but I don't do any of them extremely well. I'm like a mediocre Renaissance girl. But with porn.


There you go.


Okay, so, I'm poor. I'm taking work on commission. If you want a sketch or a story or I even do real actual paintings, but not of fandom things, 'cause that's... weird, for me. Sorry. But yeah. Just ask, and I'll try to do it for you. Donate to my broke ass however much you want; my feelings won't get hurt if you don't think it's worth much, I promise =)

That is all.
big hairy wings, black books, blurred vision, boosh, british television, challenges, comical dangly jowels, death, fitting things in lengthwise, headaches, heart burn, idiocy, inbreeding, james may, jonathan creek, loss of virginity, prenatal baldness, qi, shopping, stephen fry, stroke, strokiness, supernatural, television, top gear, treasure chest makeup boxes